Stefan Hürlemann

FOGO Areal Branding

As a mix between a refugee settlement and affordable housing for students, FOGO aims to bring cultures together, aid integration as well as facilitate dialogue. To reflect the project, our team (Consisting of: Laurence Hau, Tanja Krebs, Fabienne Müller, Darren Chi Wong) created an identity system that plays with contrasts between roundness and edges as a symbol of the different cultures coming together and building something new. Four logo variants as well as a bespoke typeface were developed that play with shapes inside of a base square.
Mentoring by: Claudio Gasser and Thomas Wolfram
Programming by: Daniel Stutz


Visual Identity, Type Design, Web Design


JUWO, AOZ, 2018


Neue Haas Unica, FOGO Regular


Signage, Print, Website, Animation